Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Colton fell asleep just before our session at JCP started for taking some Halloween pictures of the kids. The photog was a little new and had some interesting ideas on taking pictures. I am not sure why the Ninja would be shushing over the sleeping spider.
Sydney is a Ninja this year for Halloween. The guy wanted her to show of some Ninja moves for the camera. I am not really sure what Ninja moves are, but this is evidently a high kick Ninja move in front of a barn.

Colton woke up about half way through and decided to participate in the pictures. We have him dressed in a friend's spider outfit for these pictures. He seems OK with the least for now.

I have no idea what the look the photog is going for in this picture. Colton is a sleeping spider and he told Syd to do a Ninja jump. This photo seems appropriate to share with the awkward family photos website. If you have never visited this website, you are missing out on some funny pictures and commentary.

This picture of Colton is priceless! The little sleeping spider is as cute as he can be!
Colton continues to do very well. He will be 9 months old on Halloween. He is able to sit for 30 seconds to a minute by himself while holding and playing with a toy. He is very interested in toys and very interactive with all of us. He is sweet as he can be. He eats stage 1 solids twice a day and is getting ready for some stage 2s very soon.
Syd is doing great in 3rd grade and is looking forward to her 9th birthday at the end of next month. She's going to have a swimming party at FINS! She is doing cheer leading at school, playing volleyball at the Y, and taking gymnastics at K2 academy. She is a busy, busy girl! I think she might have to cut back some when I go back to work after the first of the year.
Have a safe and fun Halloween!
The Gibbs family


Pam said...

LOL!!! Those photos are absolutely adorable!!!! I love them!

Tell Syd I like her Ninja costume. Tell her that Sam is a ninja this year, too!

Kelly said...

I think all these pictures are really cute! Certainly nothing that would qualifiy for the awkward family photos.

Enjoyed getting an update!

Lora said...

You crack me up. Your post is awesome. And of course the kids look adorable!

Denise said...

your daughter is adorable!
you should go to and send us an email with her name to enter for a chance at a free hairbow of your choice.....

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