Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Colton Todd Gibbs

Hello Everyone! We are here and finally doing another last! We have been working on getting things settled and organized with the little man home and we are finally getting there. Colton is an absolute joy to have at home. He is a very good baby. Colton is weighing in at around 11 and 1/2 pounds. He is over 22 inches long. He will be 4 months old on the 31st and his adjusted age is about 6 weeks. He is still eating around the clock, going 3-4 hours max at night between bottles most of the time. He has teased us once or twice with 5 hour stretches and those were wonderful! The GI doctor told us many babies get a good 6 hour stretch in once they hit 12 lbs. Hopefully that is coming soon for us! He continues to eat breast milk fortified with 22 cal supplement. I tried to talk his pediatrician into stopping the supplement but she won't let him until his weight is more on track with infants born on his birthday. He remains below the 10th percentile on weight at this time for babies born on Jan 31. His pedi gives him credit for adjusted age on everything else but is adamant he press on with weight gain. (I looked up where he would be if he was born on his due date and he would be in 90 percentile for that date!) He had an echo cardiogram done last week and all is well with his heart and his PDA closure. He is down to only wearing his apnea monitor at night and we are hoping to kick that to the curb after his next pulmonology appointment on Tuesday.

Aunt Kim and Colton Meeting
Karen, Tracey, Lora and Sandy hosted a "Sip-N- See" for Colton on May 16th. (Thank you!!!!) We were thrilled to see so many people turn out to see our little man. We are humbled that so many people traveled great distances to meet Colton and give us so much support. Here is Aunt Kim getting her first look at Colton, and Colton of her.

My Smiley Boy
Colton smiles now! He grins ear to ear for Mom, Dad and Sydney. He is smiling away in his bassinet while Sydney is talking to him and getting him to smile so Mom can snap a photo.

Colton in his Moses Basket
My beautiful baby boy resting in his Moses basket under the patio while he watches Sydney, Ryan and Nate play in the pool. Colton is very content and easy to take on outings. As long as he has fresh diapers, bottles and people to coo at he is very content and easy going.

Colton and Sydney Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day! Sydney made a cake and decorated it like the flag in honor of the Holiday. Sydney and Colton, with a little help from Dad, posed with the cake.

The following link should take you to a Walgreens site where you can view more pictures of our family. You can also order prints from this site if you want any for yourself--just have them developed at your local Walgreens.
We will try to update more frequently with pictures. We have so many cute pictures but I can only figure out how to upload 5 at a time to the site.
Colton's middle name, Todd, is in honor of his Uncle, Sgt First Class Todd Clayton Gibbs. Todd was KIA in Iraq on December 7, 2004. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." ~From a headstone in Ireland. Happy Memorial Day
The Gibbs Family
Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton


Tara Powell said...

Wendy, I love reading the updates of the little guy! TJ is really missing you, though! Too add more than 5 pictures you can add more the same way you added the 1st 5. Wait for them to finish uploading and then just start over. It will add to the top so make sure to add your last pictures first.

Kelly said...

How fun to find a new post from you when I logged in this morning. Loved all the pictures!

Sounds like things are going well and I hope to get to meet him (and all the other family members I've never laid eyes on) next month at Sandy's.

Pam said...

I'm excited about the upcoming family get together, myself!! The photos are wonderful!

He sure looks quite a bit like Syd, in my opinion. Then again, I've never met daddy. :)

I love how far that precious little man has come in the past 4 months!!! What a fighter!

My thoughts with your family on this Memorial Day.

Pam said...

OK, I'm going to amend my comment about who Colton looks like. I just really perused the photos and saw the one with Dad.

Daddy has a mini-me!!!

Mimsi said...

Loved the update and pictures. What a wonderful picture of Syndey and baby Colton. My favorite is Colton in the Moses basket and Colton smiling and Colton with Aunt Kim and all of them!!
Love to all.

Claire said...

this is VERY delayed...

great pictures! and as kelly and pam said I too am VERY EXCITED about this family get together that is now in...TWO DAYS! I will also get to meet family member I've never layed eyes on before! Including you, Wendy (unless we met when I was real little and don't remember...ha!) I think I've met Sandy at Uncle Nicks in Colorado one christmas, not sure though...