Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6: 3 Bottles Down!

Colton did a great job yesterday and ate 3 bottles with the nurses and OT's. He is working on doing the same today. I got to feed him part of his bottle at 11:00 with OT and he did a nice job of eating some for Mom!

He is continuing to grow well and is right on target for his gestational age. His gestational age will be 35 weeks tomorrow as he turns 5 weeks old. But as his neonatologist pointed out, he is actually ahead of the curve as he is supposed to be floating in amniotic fluid with umbilical cord support rather than eating by mouth, breathing and maintaining his body temperature!

He is working on weaning down to room air today between feedings but will remain on O2 for his feedings.

If all goes well for him over the next day or so, he will add in a 4th bottle. It is that jump to the 5th bottle coming up next week that is a huge milestone to achieve and can hang the preemies up for a few days. Keep your fingers crossed that Colton will conquer his bottles like a champ and keep moving forward at a good steady rate.

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Lora said...

He's very advanced. ;-) YAY COLTON!!! I'm so excited for you all. He looks like Sydney, I can tell.