Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homecoming Planning

Dad is doing a pretty good job of helping me with my bottle!

Bret getting ready to bottle feed Colton

The neonatologist called me to discuss Colton going home! The neonatologist on rotation this week said that if all continues as well as things are going we can expect Colton to be home by the end of next week! She wants Bret and I to take CPR this weekend, they will set up apnea monitor training for us and they will arrange for him to have an apnea monitor and O2 at home. Just before he comes home, he will do a sleep study that will determine if he needs O2 at home for his meals or not but it is easier to set it up and cancel it if we don't need it rather then scramble at the last minute. Currently, he has oxygen at each meal both the bottle feeds and the tube feedings. Eating and breathing at the same time is still rough for him.

Colton drank 5 bottles yesterday and he is to do 5 again today so that he can bump up to 6 tomorrow. His Dad even fed him a bottle for the first time yesterday! He continues to steadily gain weight and now weighs in at 6 lbs 8 oz. He officially weighs 2 ounces more than his sister did when we brought her home! However, we did bring her home just before 35 weeks gestation and Colton is now over 35 weeks gestational age. He should be a little over 7 lbs by next Friday, assuming he keeps on gaining as well as he has been doing.

We are very cautiously optimistic right now, as we are fully aware any set backs will change the game plan. We have several last minute preparations to make before we bring the little man home so we will focus on getting those knocked out.

Thanks again for all your love and support!

Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton


Angela said...

Yeah!Good news about bringing Colton home! I am so happy for you guys. We will keep you in prayers that there will be no setbacks!
Wendy, we have been at TCH all last week and this week. Chrissy got her trach last Tuesday. We are trying to get her weaned off the vent and hope to be home with her by next Monday. So we can sympathize with you about the traffic down here in the med center!! If you want to read our blog about her progress it is at

Scooter said...

Great news.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the good news.

Brenda L.

Kelly said...

Yay!! That's exciting news!!! I know you will be so happy to have your whole family under one roof.

Lora said...

I'm so excited!! Look at dates for your shower! Send me your list!

Pam said...

That's fantastic news! That boy is ready to head for the hacienda!!

I know how happy you will be to all be under the same roof!