Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9 Back-To-Back and the "H" word

Today was a really good day for Colton! He went up to 5 bottle feeds after scarfing down 4 yesterday in his alloted time. The tricky part is back-to-back bottles. The neonatologist also wanted Colton to try to do some breastfeeding as well today. She also said she would push 6 bottles tomorrow provided he finished 5 today. The nurse gave Colton a bottle at 11:00 am. I was particularly bummed out because I usually try to feed him at 11:00 but I was trapped at the doctors office because the doctor was running very late.

Upon my arrival at 12:30, the neonatologist was just getting to Colton. She gave me the good news and told the nurses to have the lactation consultant come for the 2:00 feeding. She also said his weight was good, 6 lbs 3.9 oz and he was done with the lasix for now. While I was excited he was going to try breastfeeding, I was worried about him doing back to back bottles sometime today and didn't want him tiring out. I held him chest to chest while he slept and we waited for it to be 2:00. Colton did very well according to the lactation consultant. He got to try for 10 minutes, but his weight in grams did not change, meaning he didn't even really get much. The nurse said to go ahead and try to bottle feed him, she could push what he didn't eat by his tube. I started feeding him and he ate like a champ. He was a bit slow at the end, which is his usual style, but he finished it in time. He ate his back to back bottles! Our fingers are crossed that he will finish the rest of his bottles today and not try to sleep through a meal after getting the hardest part over.

His pediatrician came in for a visit as he was finishing up his bottle. She said things are looking very good and she actually mentioned the "H" word! Assuming all goes well and he doesn't have any surprises it is not unrealistic to think he could come home by the end of next week! She is always way more optimistic than the neonatologist; they won't even discuss the "H" word except in hushed voices as if the very mention might set the babies back for weeks! His pediatrician was discussing with me that he will very likely come home with oxygen for when he is eating, an apnea monitor, and medicine for reflux. He will have some additional test to determine if the oxygen and apnea monitor are necessary, but the general consensus of the doctors is that he is going to be sporting those items. His task to come home are:

1. Eat 8 bottles per day and get rid of his NG tube.
2. Move to the open crib and maintain body temperature without help. (Must complete #1
before he can move to the open crib)
3. Do 1 and 2 while still gaining weight at a rate of .5 to 1 oz per day on average.

As the pediatrician and neonatologist point out, Colton is in charge. On any given day he can decide to "go preemie" and not eat, lose weight, or demonstrate he can't hold his temperature.

Keeping cheering Colton on, he is past the half way mark and the end may be coming into site for the NICU! For those of you keeping count, this was day 38 of life in the NICU.

And in other good news, the running late doctor is very pleased with the healing and progress of me! We are continuing with the same plan of care and he will check it out again next week.

Colton has a new friend to meet when he gets home. Sarah is a lovely young lady also born at 30 weeks gestation in January to parents that live around the corner from us. Sarah arrived home from the NICU in Tomball today. Welcome Home Sarah!!!

Thanks again to everyone for their love and support! Looking forward to celebrating with everyone in the upcoming weeks!

Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton "I can eat back to back bottles" Gibbs


Kelly said...

It just seems to get better and better!! Just to be safe, I won't even think the "H" word too loudly.

How fun about his new friend Sarah!

Lora said...

Oh wow!! The coveted "H" word. That is so exciting! I'm hopeful, and pulling for him. And it's adorable that he has a little girlfriend already. What a charmer.

Sarah Kohoutek said...

The "H" word place is awesome. I hope you go "H" soon. We can't wait to meet you in person.

Lotsa love and prayers,
Sarah (Chris & Cade, too)