Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back to Level II

Colton has once again been transferred to the NICU Level II nursery. Hopefully, he will stay put this time! Colton will eventually be discharged from this nursery to home. Babies in NICU do not go to Level I newborn nursery before going home. He is probably 3-4 weeks out from being discharged home depending on how he does. Colton's gestational age is 32.5 weeks right now (the age at which his sister, Sydney, was born). So he would be 35 to 36 weeks gestational age when he is discharged if all goes as planned. He is breathing just fine on his own in room air and is beginning to learn to hold his temperature in a controlled isolette environment. He will have to hold his temp in a open crib before he can be discharged home. His feeds remain at 5 ml right now because he did not poop recently. Once he poops, they will begin to increase his feeds. The orthopedic surgeon came by and cut his cast a bit as Colton has grown considerably since the doctor put the cast on shortly following Colton's birth. Colton is weighing in at 4 lbs 14 oz as of today. He will quickly be in 5 lb territory at this rate! Thanks again for all the prayers and support!

Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton


Pam said...

That's one determined kid!! He's a fighter and will be a force to contend with very soon!

I know you can't wait!!

Bless all of you!

You go Colton!!!

Scooter said...

Looking good. Think he wants to go home.