Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb. 7 Update - Week #2 Begins!

Well, we all made it through the first week. I think Wendy and I are starting to come down off the adrenaline some and starting to breathe a little more now that Colton is making progress. It's been a rough start for all of us but we are grateful for all the love, support, prayers and hope.

We got to make a 2nd trip up to the hospital to see Colton yesterday. Wendy also got her incisions checked out by one of the docs while we were there. I've got her slowed down a little today because in the midst of all this with Colton, Wendy needs to heal from that c-Section. The incision will take some time to heal but she is getting there. I always said if it was up to men to have babies this would be a desolate planet. I have to say I admire Wendy's strength.

So the latest is the PDA has not reduced in size. Likely, this thing is not going to close on its own. So we hope to talk to the neonatologist (Dr. Gee) tonight or tomorrow to see the next course of action. The PDA is evident on the heart ECHO as well as hearing the murmur with a stethoscope. His breathing is not labored but his respirations are higher than desired due to that PDA still being open. We should have more details on next steps tomorrow.

The little man is still under the lights for his bilirubin although that bilirubin count did reduce slightly overnight. He had a couple of good poops last night so his plumbing is working correctly! He has his splint now on his right arm so that fracture can begin to heal. He also had another ultrasound of his abdominal area to detect any bleeds or other issues and I'm happy to report that came back normal. He had an arterial IV line removed as well. They had difficulty with the inserting his PIC line last night and they will likely try again tonight. The PIC line is more of a long term IV and will allow the NICU to remove Colton's umbilical line. Long term, it's good to remove the umbilical line due to increased risks of infection. Once that umbilical line is removed, we will finally be able to hold Colton. We are hopeful the PIC line is successful tonight so we'll all get a chance to hold him tomorrow (including Sydney).

On a personal note, we are appreciative of all the calls, emails, prayers, food, and support during this time. If we haven't returned your call or responded to your email, please know that we are reading everything and appreciate you. It's tough with the schedule we are keeping right now to get to everything. We are both looking forward to the day that we can repay everyone's kindness. It's important for you tall to know that we won't forget what you are doing for us - that you can take to the bank!

The hardest part for Wendy and I both is not being in control of anything. As a parent, there's not much you won't do for your children. I can tell you that Wendy and I either one would trade places with him right now if we could. While we remain optimistic and are pleased with all of his progress, the worry and fears can overtake you if you let them. We put our faith in the good doctors and nurses at Texas Woman's NICU and most importantly our Faith in God that he is in control 100% and will see us all through this.

Colton started out 10 weeks early, had to be resuscitated at birth, was bruised all over, had a broken arm, was intubated to assist with breathing and had a host of other issues. One week later, the guy is breathing completely unassisted and truly has made great progress in most areas in such a short time. I certainly will give credit to Colton, the doctors, the nurses and all of the trained medical staff for the tremendous progress that Colton has made this week. But I'm thoroughly convinced (and good look convincing me otherwise) that prayer does work and it's more than good medicine coming into play right now. Keep the Faith as will we.....Bret, Wendy, Sydney and Colton


Pam said...

Another good progress report on the little man! Precious baby that he is in the photos! He's lookin' pretty good considering his rough start!!

He's come a long way in his first week!!!

I hope you all can get some rest during this difficult period. I know it's hard and the stress level is high.

Wendy: Heal!!! Colton and Syd need mom to get back on her feet and be %100!!!

Brett: You are one amazing husband and dad! You have my admiration!!

God bless you all and, of course, you remain in my heart, thoughts and prayers!!

Lora said...

Hugs, love and prayers. I'm so relieved that he has done so well in his first week.

Kelly said...

It's nice now that we're seeing more baby and less tubing in the pictures! Looking forward to some of y'all holding him.

He's certainly come a long way in a week!!

Scooter said...

Go Colton Go!