Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb. 22 - Prayers for Wendy

Good morning. It's Bret posting this morning. I have a special request for my prayer warriors out there. Let me start off by saying the last thing Wendy would want is any focus off Colton and on to her (I feel the same way for myself) but I am concerned about Wendy's incision. Why am I concerned? The Infectious Disease Doctor is concerned about the range of possibilities for infections - some of which *can be* (note I didn't say she has an infection) life threatening. Now Wendy is in good hands at the hospital and has been taking IV antibiotics. The cultures that will tell us what we are dealing with likely won't be back until Monday (Feb. 23). I'm asking my prayer warriors out there to pray for Wendy's well being and that we are not dealing with any of the bad infections that can sometimes arise from these types of wounds. Wendy, I love you very much, you are my soul mate and wonderful mother. I know you probably don't like the fact that I posted a prayer request for you. But you know what? Tough. I love you very much and I will do what I can both medically and spiritually if I think it helps you to get better. Be a good patient (hard for anyone in the medical field) and follow the doc's directions!

We are visiting Colton and Wendy this afternoon and I'll have an update on him later. Thanks for lifting both Wendy and Colton up in prayer. All the best....Bret


Pam said...

She's in my prayers big time! As are the rest of you!

Much love!

Lora said...

Prayers one of my best friends in the whole world!!! Love you Wendy!!! Please get better soon.