Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb. 9 - Grandpa Nick comes for a visit

Wendy's dad (Nick) is in town this week and got to visit his grandson for for the first time. Even at 30 weeks, it appears that Colton has more hair than his grandpa!

Not much change to report today. A quiet day is typically a good day at the NICU. Colton's bilirubin count fell below 10 as of this morning and will be checked again in the morning. I'm not sure what the trigger point is for removing the light therapy but hopefully that will come sometime this week.

Colton's last dose of indomethacin to close that PDA is at 11:00 p.m. tonight. Around midday tomorrow, he will have his heart ECHO performed again to check to see if he's made any progress on getting that PDA closed.

More updates tomorrow and thanks again for everyone saying prayers for our little guy....Love, Bret, Wendy, Sydney and Colton.


Kelly said...

You had me laughing about the hair comment!

Hope to hear good news from the heart test today.

Lora said...

Precious pic! Prayers for "closuuure". HUGS!

pmd said...

Gibbs family,

What a good looking kid! Every day will bring good things and good news. Wendy, you take care of yourself, because it won't be long before you will be home with all the fun. Is Sydney looking forward to changing diapers? I hope soon we can come see you and Colton. Love and prayers. Pam and Terry

Pam said...

Love that photo!! Yeah, I laughed at the hair comment too! :)

Thinking about you today!

The Sniady's said...

I pray for you daily...I am a friend of Katie's so I have been getting Colton's update's from her blog, hope you don't mind. I also had a 30 weeker...she is 1 now and amazing! Hang in there and congratulations!