Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go Colton Go!

Colton is adjusting to life in NICU Level II and in his isolette. He really seems to like it in the isolette. It is quiet, dark and snug in there for him. He is pooping and he went up on his feeds to 11 mL every 3 hours. He will probably get a chance to eat by bottle sometime next week but for now all his feeds are by tube. When he does eat by bottle, he will start with just one bottle feed per day. Evidently, it is very tiring and requires too much energy that can result in weight loss for preemies to eat by bottle. So they build them up slowly. He weighed 4 lbs 15.5 oz today ... with his cast on! The Neonatologist on call today pointed out to me that the cast weighs 3 or 4 ozs when I said he was close to 5 lbs. He is showing good steady gain. He will probably get his cast off sometime next week, the orthopedic surgeon will make that determination. Evidently, it is usually 2-3 weeks for bone healing in preemies. One of the neonatologist told us that as long as the bones are in the same room, they will approximate and heal.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support and prayers. Hopefully, we will have the little man home with us in 3 or 4 weeks!

Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton


Pam said...

This is fantastic! I know you're counting the days!

That little boy is rockin' right along! He's a fighter!

You all remain in my prayers!

The Sniady's said...

Sounds like he's doing amazing...preemies are little fighters...I've been there! I continue to pray for you and enjoy reading the updates to see how Colton is doing!

Lora said...

Another stellar update! I hope you guys are doing well. Miss you both and hope to see you and meet the little man in no time. HUGS