Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 4 Evening Update - A new milestone reached!

Wendy, Sydney, Mimsi (paternal grandmother) and I visited Colton at 4:00 today. Earlier, his neonatologist (Dr. Hernandez) came by to let us know that the breathing tube was coming out! When we visited Colton, he was only wearing a CPAP which is a form of ventilation covering his nose. Removal of the breathing tube (extubation) is a positive step and important milestone in his continued improvement. His nurse had assessed him at 4:00 today and said all of his vitals looked good. So we were very happy to have this bit of good news today!

As far as the PDA, Dr. Hernandez and the other docs in her practice are discussing Colton's case this evening as to next steps: wait and monitor hole in his heart to see if it will start closing or go forward with the surgery. We should know more on that tomorrow.

As I type this, Wendy is getting her staples removed and we are preparing to all go home for the evening. Starting tomorrow, Wendy and I will make the daily trip to see our little guy and get updates on his progress.

I am attaching a few photos that we took today. Colton's color is looking much better although the bruising is still evident.

Thanks again for all the prayers and support (we are humbled) and keep praying for our little guy. Love to all....


Pam said...

I do appreciate the updates on my end. This is good news!

My prayers are still going strong for all of you.

All my love!

angieking said...

I was so proud when Kim told me ya'll had a website...I put the family on the prayer list at church on Sunday. Ask Kim and Kelly about my 10 week early husband...he weighed 2 lbs and 8 oz. and now stands 6'5" tall and is the best law enforcement officer I know! And healthy as a horse!! Please keep updating the site. It is a wonderful tool for information! Ya'll are in my prayers daily and constantly in my thoughts!! Keep looking up! He really is there!

Angie King

Lora said...

Yay! Go Colton! He is stong. I'm continuing to pray. Have Wendy call me when she gets a chance.