Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2 Update

We visited Colton at the NICU at around 1:30 today. He is still under the lights for bilirubin. The big concern today is that he is anemic and appears to be losing blood somewhere. They have ruled out possible bleeding in the abdominal area as well as the lungs. The concern would be a possible brain bleed. However, a scan of his head won't happen until about Day 10. In the meantime, he is getting blood transfusions and will be monitored closely. In addition to the anemia, he will have a spinal tap this evening to rule out meningitis. We spoke with both his neonatologist as well as his pediatrician while he is here at NICU. The pediatrician stated that he is doing well for his start and gestational age but mentioned that he will have to be monitored closely. The positive to take away today is that he is stable. Please continue to pray for Colton and we'll keep you posted as we get more details. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, thoughts and support. Bret and Wendy.

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Brenda Lechinger said...

Thank you for calling me back, Wendy. You are all in my prayers.