Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving Forward!

Colton had a great day today! He is extubated and on room air. He is also getting 5 ml feeds every 3 hours again as of today via an OG tube. I was able to hold him for about an hour and a half today.

His incision is about 2 inches on his back, which looks huge on him right now but should fade rapidly as he grows.

Colton will move into an isolette incubator later today and should move to NICU LEVEL II status tomorrow ...and hopefully stay there this time!

Thanks again to everyone for all their support!
Wendy, Bret, Sydney and Colton


Lora said...

Yay! Pictures! Pictures!! I just got a call from Laura Skrehot. She didn't have Wendy's number and was looking for an update. I updated her and gave her Wen's number. Hugs and love!

Pam said...

What a joy to read another positive update!!

What a challenging but incredible journey this little man has made in his short time with us!!

He's tough, blessed and swept up in a HUGE wave of love!!!!!

You go, Colton!!!