Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb. 27 - Wendy comes home

Well, we got Wendy home from the hospital today! It's good to have her back home. Moms are the "CEOs" of the household, except they don't always get the big bonuses and bailouts like their business counterparts. Although Wendy will miss being down the hall from Colton, she likely won't miss the constant barrage of nurses taking her blood pressure and temp all hours of the night.

We nearly had sticker shock tonight picking up Wendy's antibiotics. 14 pills that retail for over $1,200! Luckily, my copay was only $50. The clerk at Walgreens gave me the $1,100 price at first and I about fell on the floor. He of course added that's what your insurance saved you! Thanks dude - like my blood pressure wasn't up already. Thank God for insurance! That's like $85 a pill! If we ever have to get it refilled, I think Brinks has to deliver the meds to your house.

Wendy and I hung out during Colton's bottle feed today. He definitely did better this time around finishing a little over 3/4 of his feed in the allotted 20 minutes. His weight today is 5lbs. 9oz. He continues to thrive.

We'll keep the blog entry short tonight as it has been a long day. Check back this weekend for more updates and pics! Love, Bret, Wendy, Sydney and Colton.


Kelly said...

Glad Wendy is home now and on the mend.

Colton is looking more and more like a regular little baby now, not so much a preemie. Still praying for his continued progress.

Kelly said...

btw.... he now weighs more than I did when I was born!

Pam said...

Yay Wendy! Glad you're home!

Yes, Colton is still moving on toward the exit!! He'll be home and growing by leaps and bounds before you know it!

You remain in my prayers!

Scooter said...

Go Wendy whoop whoop. Da da da da whoop whoop